Kirlian Energy Emission AnalysisTM

In 1973, Peter Mandel began developing his groundbreaking approach to the energetic/informational assessment of his patients. He developed a reliable and reproducible energy screening approach to taking Kirlian photographs, called the Esogetic Bioscan Device. Over the years, he then perfected a step-by-step method for interpreting the blockages of information and energetic flow seen in the Kirlian EEA photographs at the “whole person” level: body, soul, and spirit. The Kirlian EEA provided the means by which Mandel has scrupulously evaluated the clinical effects of all his therapies throughout the ongoing development of Esogetic Colorpuncture.


Kirlian Photo

Kirlian Photo


Today, the EEA photos allow Esogetic practitioner’s who use the Esogetic Bioscn Device to quickly identify and comprehend the overall energetic/informational situation of each client — how each blockage relates and fits together to form a complete life story. The photos also enable them to identify precisely which Esogetic Colorpuncture therapies might best be used to correct any imbalances that underlie the client’s body mind complaints. The impact of Colorpuncture therapies upon energetic/information flow can also be rapidly assessed in post-treatment photos. In this way, Kirlian EEA provides a remarkably accurate “road map” in the process of unraveling and correcting, layer by layer, the energetic/informational situation of the client.

Certified Esogetic practitioners also use several other energy assessment techniques, including iris reading, tongue reading, facial assessment, and point palpation techniques. These methods are all taught in the Esogetic Colorpuncture Basic Professional Certification Course. However, the Kirlian EEA system remains the basis for the

development of all new Esogetic procedures and it’s premier energetic assessment approach. To read more about this system, you can also visit

NOTE:  A new, easy-to-use digital photography device has now been developed which will eliminate the need for analog photo development. For information about this new digital photographic device, please contact us.

ALSO NOTE:  This device and these photographs are not considered in any way to be a substitute for proper medical evaluation and lab tests as needed. Rather these photos show how the flow of information and energy in the system is happening. Our practitioners will refer their clients for proper medical assessment whenever necessary.