Peter Mandel, Originator of Esogetic Colorpuncture TM

“I have to say that Peter Mandel is by far the most creative naturopath in the country: he has completely new ideas; he doesn’t just take old concepts and adjust them here and there. In my view, he is a genius phenomenon who, someday, is going to have a place in history like all the big names in natural medicine, like Kneipp and Hahnemann, because he has revolutionized natural healing methods and set them on a modern path.”

—  Josef Angerer, President, Association of German Naturopaths


Since the mid-1960’s, Peter Mandel has been working to develop new holistic treatment systems that especially address difficult health issues, and their connection to deep blockages at the subconscious emotional and spiritual levels of the human being.  Mandel’s main intention has been to evaluate and understand each patient, according to their unique individuality, and then develop treatments to address these individual situations at the level of body, emotion or subconscious, and spirit. He firmly believes that the roots of illness and pain lie in the unconscious, and at the meeting point between spirit and matter.

In pioneering his new healing technologies, Mandel has trained in naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, iridology, and bodywork. He has also studied the latest research in modern biology, medicine, and biophysics — most notably the photobiology or biophysics of light.  He has also collaborated with many well-known scientists, such as renowned biophysicist, Dr. Fritz Albert Popp. Mandel’s goal has been to combine knowledge from traditional alternative healing systems and ancient wisdom traditions with the latest modern healing technologies and discoveries. Over the past 40 years, this has led him to the development of a unique system of informative energetic evaluation called Kirlian Energy Emission AnalysisTM, a system of acu-light therapy called Esogetic ColorpunctureTM, an “induction therapy” technology and most recently, his holographic crystal therapies.

Today, Peter Mandel tirelessly continues his research and patient care at the Mandel Clinic in Bruchsal, Germany.  He is recognized worldwide as a holistic therapist, lecturer and author. He has given seminars and talks in all of Europe, the USA, India, Japan, China and Australia. He has an honorary doctorate of “Medicina Alternativa” in Alma-Ata, is an honorary member of the Academy of Holistic Medicine of the Grieshaber Foundation and a founding member and second chair of the “Academy for Medicine and Reformed Healing Methods” in Worms, founded in 1997.

“Peter Mandel is distinguished by an explosive mixture of imagination and realism. This is clearly revealed by his tireless investigation into the mysteries of therapy, by the development of models for understanding the organization of living structures, and, last but not least, by his compassion for others and his strong commitment to helping those who are ill.” — Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, Bio-Physicist