In addition to the application of colored light frequencies to acu-points on the skin, here are some of the other therapeutic methods included in the overall Esogetic healing system:

The Esogetic Crystal Therapies

The Esogetic Crystal Therapies involve placement of special crystal discs or tools on various zones of the body. These are not the usual crystals grown naturally in the earth. Rather, they are specially crafted crystals, which have been imprinted with holographic designs or cut with facets that express holographic information. They were designed by Mandel in cooperation with Swarovski, the world’s premier producer of beautiful crystal products. They range from the larger “crystal activators” to the beautiful “faceted crystals” (gold, silver, element colors and shades of grey) to the tiny adhesive crystal tattoos that can be applied to a single acu-point on the skin.

More recently, Mandel has developed several unique discs in which colored crystals are inlaid according to specific holographic designs. These include the Dream Disc, Love Disc, Earth Disc, Element Disc and the Disc of Numeric Symbols.  These discs can be applied to zones on the body for effective self-healing.

Crystals are the “time keepers” of many electrical devices, including computers.  This is because they have a unique capacity to steadily transmit accurate information in whatever device they are placed. For this reason, Peter Mandel decided they would be an ideal tool for transmitting the “original energetic patterns of healing information” deep into the body. When properly applied, these amazing tools have the capacity to surface and release buried or suppressed emotional conflicts and to correct the flow of energy and information that can support your healing. Each crystal product comes with a small brochure explaining some of its basic applications. These brochures are posted under the “Additional Resources” section of this website. The U. S. Esogetic Colorpuncture Institute also offers special classes in the use of these crystals for Esogetic treatment. To learn more about the Esogetic crystals, you can also visit the product pages of this website or the resource pages where you will find several Esogetic brochures relating to the use of the crystal tools.

The Induction Therapies

Life is rhythm. We are constantly subject to the changing rhythms of day and night, of the seasons, of tension and relaxation, etc. We are also subject to the changing rhythms of our brainwaves, which alternate throughout our waking and sleeping consciousness. Scientific research now shows that the impulses of our brain waves are a component of consciousness. It is also true that health and illness have been found to correspond to changes in the natural brain rhythms. Therefore, a change in our brain rhythms brought on by stress or emotional conflict can gradually begin to effect our physical well-being. The Induction Therapies aim to introduce the vibrations innate to the brain (beta, alpha, theta, delta and gamma) via acu-points on the skin. This is done using specially designed “biofeedback” devices called the Induction Wave or Home unit, as well as the Induction Point unit. (see Products and Tools). Through the precise transmission of the brain waves via the skin and the meridians, we can begin to talk to the body like a healthy brain would and, in this way, slowly guide the body’s information toward health. For more information on the Induction Therapies, you can visit:

The Wellness Therapies and ColorSound Therapies

The Esogetic Colorpuncture system includes a number of products that can be used for self-care, to augment you or your client’s overall healing program. Among these wonderful products are:

The Esogetic Sound Therapies
After developing his color acu-light therapies, Peter Mandel collaborated with the music researcher couple Korten and Helm, to literally translate some of his color treatments into sound treatments, using precise mathematical formulas. These sound therapies, made up of specific sequences of tonal frequencies, are conducted as information through the ears to the brain and then into the body. These sound frequencies help are supportive and stabilizing for body and brain functions. The sound therapies are often prescribed by Esogetic Colorpuncture practitioners as a home care support for their clients. The Esogetic Sound Therapies are all available in CD format. They include the “Color Sound Therapies” which address specific physical situations such as insomnia or headaches. They also include the Esogetic Soundscapes and the Conflict Resolution Sound Therapies, which work at a deeper level in the subconscious. These recordings help to surface and release buried emotional conflicts, as well as assisting the listeners in contacting soul information that will enable them to move more freely on their life paths.

The Wellness Products:
Over the years, Peter Mandel has also developed herbal oils and other cosmetic products that are useful for self-care, promoting health and well-being. One of the most well-loved products is the Esogetic Herb Oil. This is a special combination of 22 essential oils used to ease sore muscle areas and also, through application to specific skin zones, to activate the dreaming process. There are also Esogetic body creams, herbal tea and bath products available. Each of these products has been prepared according to Esogetic principles and standards for the support of holistic healing.   For more information about the workings of the Wellness Products and Sound Therapies, also visit wellness product section of this website.