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For your reading pleasure, we have included a complete article written by U.S. ECI Director,Manohar Croke on Esogetic Colorpuncture. We also suggest the following books and articles,which are currently available in English on Esogetic Colorpuncture and Kirlian Energy EmissionAnalysis. All books and reprints on Esogetic Colorpuncture may be ordered through U.S. ECI (see products and equipment section). German version of all our books may also be ordered:

Articles on Esogetic Colorpuncture:

New Article on Energy Psychology Using Light and Color by Manohar Croke

reprint for ACEP article

Introducing Esogetic Colorpuncture™
A Complete Acu-Light Therapy System for Body, Mind and Spirit

by Manohar Croke, MA, C.C.P. Director, U.S. ECI
Read this article.

Books by Mandel:

Esogetics: The Sense and Nonsense of Sickness and Pain by Peter Mandel
This recently reprinted hardback offers an excellent overview of Peter Mandel’s work and his unique thought model for healing, called “esogetics.” The book is oriented toward an explanation of theory but does include several treatment procedures suitable for self-healing.  Available through this site.

The Compendium of Opthalmotropic Genetic Therapies – the OGT Therapies by Peter Mandel
This is the first new book published by Peter Mandel in English in several years. It addresses one of his newest Esogetic Colorpuncture therapy systems, the “OGT Therapies,” which are based on concepts of iridology. A technical volume of 406 pages discussion of theories and treatment protocols, including a package of 72 templates to use in locating points for treatment.  Published in 2005.  Available through this site.

Dream Yourself Free! Activation of Dreams with Symbols by Peter Mandel
This little books is part of the Dream Set. The Dream Set includes the crystal dream disc and herb oil applied to zones on the body for purposes of activating healing dreams. The book describes Mandel’s method of treating these bodily “dream zones,” as well as his ideas for navigating and understanding dreams. Included in the book is a set of cards to be used for selecting the appropriate dream treatment for your particular situation. Dream Set available through this site.

Video: Introduction to Esogetic Medicine by Peter Mandel:

This short 20 minute video offers an introduction to the concepts and approach of Esogetic Medicine by Peter Mandel himself.  The video offers English translation of Mandel’s German explanation and will help you to understand the thinking of the system’s originator.  After you have seen this video, you are welcome to further explore for information on English trainings offered online and in the United States, as well as Esogetic equipment and products.  Or if you have further questions, feel free to call the U.S. Esogetic Colorpuncture Institute at: 530-362-6908. We hope you enjoy the video:

Books about Esogetic Colorpuncture by Other Authors:

Energy Psychology Using Light and Color: Opening bodymind pathways to relieve traumatic stress and enhance psychological well-being with Esogetic Colorpuncture

by Manohar Croke

This book presents the theories, concepts and introductory treatments of Esogetic Colorpuncture in relation current psychological theories. The intention is to introduce psychotherapists to the idea of using colorpuncture as an adjunct tool in psychotherapeutic practice. Available through this site.

Colour Me Healing by Jack Allanach
Entertaining biography of Peter Mandel written by a layperson. First published in 1997 and reprinted in 2005, this book provides insight into Mandel as a healer and a man. It includes numerous stories of cases and a general overview of the healing principles of Esogetics. Available through this site.

Children in the Light: Color Therapy for Children by Dr. Neeresh Pagnamenta
This small paperback, published in 1996 provides instruction on simple, basic therapies for the treatment of infants and children with Esogetic Colorpuncture. Available through this site.

“Free Yourself with Sound” by Gitte Henneges
This book provides an understanding of the theoretical basis for the development of Peter Mandel’s sound therapies. It summarizes modern research regarding the effects that “right” and “wrong” sounds have upon the brain and explores ways to regain mental and physical balance by listening to the “right” sound sequences. Available through this site.

Professional Articles on Esogetic Colorpuncture:

The American Journal of Acupuncture Vol. 24, No. 2&3; Vol. 25, No. 2&3; and Vol. 27, No. 1&2
These three issues of the American Journal of Acupuncture contained articles by Manohar Croke on Esogetic Colorpuncture and Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis. The articles include extensive discussions of theory, as well as case histories and summaries of early clinical studies. Abstracts of the articles are presented below with the permission of the American journal of Acupuncture. (reprints of the complete articles are available from U.S.ECI)

1. A Brief Introduction to Esogetic Colorpuncture Therapy — A System of Wholistic Acu-Light Therapy: Theory and Case Studies by Manohar Croke and Rosemary Dass

Abstract: Esogetic Colorpuncture Therapy (ECT) is a new system of light therapy based on concepts of acupuncture. Developed by Peter Mandel, a German naturopath and acupuncturist, this system offers a systematic method of using colored light applied as a stimulation at acupoints in order to facilitate the healthy exchange of information between the physical and subtle bodies, to clear the energetic remnants of trauma and to support the evolution of the individual.  The authors briefly discuss the theories and research which have served as a basis for development of this work, and present three case studies to demonstrate the wholistic healing potential of this unique healing modality.

2. Assessing Kirlian Phenomena via Energy Emission Analysis (EEA): An Interview with Originator Peter Mandel by Manohar Croke & Rosemary Dass

Abstract: The use of Kirlian photography to evaluate energetic disturbances has been a topic of research since the early part of this century. After two decades of research, German naturopath and acupuncturist Peter Mandel developed Energy Emission Analysis (EEA), a method of correlating and assessing physical and psychological symptoms via Kirlian emission phenomena.  In this interview, he explains how he started working with the Kirlian camera and describes some of the basic principles of his approach, including his emission “topography.” A case study in which Kirlian assessment was used during the course of treatment is included.

3. A Review of Recent Research Studies on the Efficacy of Esogetic Colorpuncture Therapy – A Wholistic Acu-Light System by Manohar Croke & Rosemary Dass

Abstract: This article reviews recent studies conducted in Europe, which sought to evaluate the effectiveness of Peter Mandel’s Esogetic colorpuncture Therapy (ECT). These investigations addressed the use of specific ECT therapies for treating a variety of difficult health problems: migraines, childhood insomnia, bronchitis, ADD or learning disorders, and uterine fibroids.  Limitations in research design and sample size necessitate that these studies be viewed as pilot or preliminary research. However, in all the studies, the findings showed dramatic improvement of symptoms after ECT treatments. This suggests that ECT may offer fast, economical, noninvasive and non-toxic methods for treating the selected health problems and that ECT continues to show promise as a powerful new method of wholistic healing.

4. Research Study on Pain Treatment by Roberto Perruchhi, et. al.
This new study shows the results of a clinical study of the efficacy of using Esogetic Colorpuncture in an elderly residential facility for the treatment of pain.

5. ETD-study_disruption_in_the_energy_balance_after_vaccination

This is a small clinical study of the possible energetic effects of childhood vaccinations, as seen in the Kirlian EEA photos.

6.Research Study on Use of Induction Therapy in Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease.  This study, conducted by a Belgian doctor named Peter Wollaert,  explores the use of Esogetic induction therapies as an adjunct tool in the treatment of heart and heart-vascular problems.

Other Articles by Esogetic Colorpuncture Practitioners:

1. Color and Light Therapy by Dr. Kristen O’Rourk
This article was written by U.S. Esogetic Colorpuncture Institute graduate, Dr. Kristen O’Rourk. The article offers O’Rourk’s views, as a naturopathic doctor, on the value of incorporating Esogetic Colorpuncture into a holistic or natural medicine healing practice.

2. Esogetics and Colorpuncture: Effective Forms of Naturopathy by SchaOn Bloggett

This article, published in Natural Awakenings Magazine introduces the general public in the Twin Cities area to this work:  Esogetics and Colorpuncture