Listed below are several brochures in PDF form for some of Esogetic products.  If you have just ordered one of these products or if you want to learn more about them, feel free to download any of these pdf’s. They contain information about how these products work, as well as instructions for simple, introductory treatment protocols.  Enjoy!

Brochure for Soul Spirit Rod Set

Brochure for Grey Rod Set

Brochure for Facetted crystals in gold and silver

Element Crystals Brochure

Grey Facetted Crystal Brochure

Crystal Puncture Brochure

Esogetic Herb Oil Instructions

Energy Reflector Oil

Flyer for optiColor Glasses

Flyer for optiColorPC/TV Glasses

The Esogetic Sound Therapies

Instructions for Crystal Meditation Band

Paingone Piezo Device Brochure

Crystal Activator Brochure

Black Crystal Activator Brochure

New Synapsis Home Brochure

New Applications of the Synapsis Programs to Specific Reflex Areas

Earth Disc Brochure

Love Disc Brochure

The Four Rhythm Zones and Crystals

Brochure for 3 Crystal Activators

The Esogetic Healing Symbols Brochure

Brochure Crystal Sphere 4-COLORS_englisch_print

Brochure Synapsis Gamma English

The Esogetic Crystal Sphere

Brochure for Disc of the Elements

The Disc of the Numeric Symbols

Crystal Puncture of the Elements

Introduction to the IR & UV Brochure

Self-Treatment with Esogetic Herbal Oil to Strengthen the Immune System

Brochure for Calming Down and Finding Your Center with the Crystal Activators

2020 Home Synapsis Induction

The Crystal Temple Brochure

The Esogetic Crystal Discs Brochure

2023 Brochure for the Disc of the Signs