Over the past several months, I have been thinking about how Esogetic ColorpunctureTM might be used to support people with post COVID conditions or what is more commonly known as “Long Haul” Covid. Esogetic Colorpuncture is a complete system of bodymind healing in which colored light frequencies are applied to acu-points on the skin in a wide variety of treatments. According to the research that Colorpuncture originator, Peter Mandel, did with biophysicist, Fritz Albert Popp, these light frequencies penetrate the body and help improve cellular communication. In this way, this system works to support the natural healing processes of the body. Esogetic Colorpuncture also uses brain wave frequencies applied to the skin (induction therapies), as well as specially designed crystals and sound therapies, to further the healing process.

It is my opinion that the Esogetic Colorpuncture system has a great many treatments that could be helpful for Covid Long Haulers. I have also spoken to some of our practitioners who are treating post Covid conditions and they are reporting good results.

What is “Long Haul” Covid?

First, to give you some background, “Long Haul” Covid symptoms are described by the CDC as a symptom or sets of symptoms that persists for more than 4 weeks after a person first becomes ill with Covid 19. These symptoms vary with the individual and can last for weeks or even months after after Covid recovery. Here are some of the symptoms that the CDC has identified:

•Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
•Tiredness or fatigue
•Symptoms that get worse after physical or mental activities (also known as post-exertional malaise)
•Difficulty thinking or concentrating (sometimes referred to as “brain fog”)
•Chest or stomach pain
•Fast-beating or pounding heart
•Joint or muscle pain
•Pins-and-needles feeling
•Sleep disturbances
•Dizziness on standing (lightheadedness)
•Mood changes, depression or anxiety
•Changes in menstrual period cycles
• Loss or changes in ability to smell or taste
• Fever
• Alternating sense of feeling hot or cold

In July 2021, The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP)* at University of Minnesota released the findings of three new studies concluding that “Long Haul” symptoms can effect several different organ systems: neuropsychiatric; cardiovascular; dermatologic; gastrointestinal; pulmonary and respiratory; immunologic and autoimmune; musculoskeletal; reproductive, genitourinary, and endocrine; and head, ear, eye, nose, and throat. The studies also observed a few long haul symptoms showing up in children who had Covid.

The Journal of Neurology and Neurosurgery published a review in July 2020** of the neurological manifestations of Covid 19. They observed a range of symptoms. The most common are brain fog, headaches and altered consciousness. However, the authors also observed more severe problems like strokes, encephalitis, polyneuropathy, facial nerve palsies, Parkinson’s disease-like symptoms and even multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children. Although the exact mechanism by which the Covid virus penetrates the nervous system is not fully understood, it is clear that this virus has the capacity to enter the brain.

Recently, researchers are finding that “Long Haul” Covid is much more widespread than was first understood. UC Davis Health has published four studies since February, 2021*** showing that between 27% and 33% of patients who had Covid 19 developed “long haul” symptoms. Moreover, for those who are feeling relief that the new variant, Omicron, is less virulent, whether or not a person gets “long haul” symptoms does not appear to be dependent on whether the patient was hospitalized or not. Even patients with mild symptoms can develop post Covid symptoms.

And sadly, as one researcher at the University of Birmingham in England pointed out, ”People living with long Covid generally feel abandoned and dismissed by healthcare providers and receive limited or conflicting advice.” While I can understand that healthcare providers may be too busy just dealing with Covid itself, this would seem like a good time to consider what alternative medicine might have to offer these people. And hence, I come back to Esogetic Colorpuncture.

How Esogetic Colorpuncture Can Help

As I said, within the extensive system of Esogetic Colorpuncture, there are a wide variety of treatments that may be helpful for people with “Long Haul” Covid.

First, this system was developed by a German naturopath, Peter Mandel. European naturopaths place considerable emphasis upon the regulation of the lymphatic/immune system. Colorpuncture includes specific treatments to regulate congestion in the sinuses, lymph drainage in the head, the chest and the abdomen. These treatments are aimed at clearing out old physical and even emotional toxins in the lymph. Thus, they strengthen the immune system.

Esogetics also includes a large body of treatments aimed at supporting brain and nervous system functioning. For example, we have treatments designed to support the functioning of the medulla oblongata (the part of your brain that regulates breathing and heart rate), and the limbic brain, which is involved in emotional processing and is adversely affected by the trauma of Covid 19. Still other treatments focus on regulating the glial cells in the brain. The glial cells function as a holding matrix for the brain’s synapses. Recently, scientists have discovered that some of these glial cells function as an immune system in the brain. It seems they remove pathogens in the brain in the same way that the T cells in the body’s lymph system do. One of my colleagues, Kay Vogel in Houston, says that she finds it very helpful for her “Long Haul” Covid clients to use the neuroglia (glial cell) therapies.

To help people release the shock and emotional stress of being ill, it often can help to regulate the body’s endocrine and autonomic nervous systems. This is another particular focus in Esogetic Colorpuncture. Among other things, these treatments can be helpful for relieving depression and anxiety.

Because Colorpuncture draws from the concepts and theories of acupuncture, it includes light treatments that effect the meridians and organs systems of the body, such as the lungs, the liver, the kidneys and the heart. The system also has specific treatments for symptoms like joint inflammation, gastrointestinal disturbances, skin problems, headaches, rebuilding energy during convalescence, and strengthening the senses, such as taste and smell. A particular emphasis in Esogetics is to help improve sleep, with acu-light treatments, as well as with induction (brain wave) treatments and sound therapies. Again, all these treatments work to improve cellular communication in specific ways, so that the body’s natural healing abilities are supported.

And finally, in Esogetic Colorpuncture, we consider that the body, soul and spirit are not separate, but rather form a single continuum for the flow of life’s information. To achieve complete healing, we believe it is important not only to support the body and the psyche, but also to help each client reconnect with the original and unique soul-spirit information they brought with them into this life. When one experiences a strong illness such as Covid 19, it can create a state of psychological trauma, in which it becomes difficult to stay connected with one’s own inner guidance and soul-spirit information. Thus, we have particular treatments that are specifically designed to restore this deep level of inner communication. I believe these might also be very helpful in situations of post Covid conditions.

My recommendation to readers is that you locate a properly trained and certified Esogetic Colorpuncture practitioner to obtain an accurate assessment of the particular treatments that might be most helpful for you. Many of these treatments will need to be administered by a trained practitioner. However, since we also place emphasis on self-care in Esogetics, some of the treatments are designed for home use. This includes simple acu-light treatments, the Esogetic Sound therapies and the Induction brain wave programs. In closing, it is my hope that this gentle, yet powerful, system of colored light therapy can support you all in healing for the long haul.                                                                                                                         Blessings, Manohar



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