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Color tools rainbow-1This is the first module of the 24-day professional practitioner certification course in Esogetic Colorpuncture. This course will be taught over a 10 – 11 month period in 6 class meetings or modules, with study group meetings scheduled in between the class meetings. Schedule for these classes TBA. The certification training provides a thorough educational foundation for the practice of Esogetic Colorpuncture. It includes training in therapies using the basic spectral colors, the soul spirit and grey colors, the IR and UV frequencies, the induction devices and the adhesive crystal tatoos.<br><br>The training starts with instruction in the Esogetic microdiagnostic systems for evaluating imbalances in energy/information flow, including techniques for eye or iris diagnosis, tongue and face reading, body zone palpation, etc. This certification course emphasizes training in these microdiagnostic systems to assist the practitioner in selecting the appropriate colorpuncture treatments, partly since training in the Kirlian EEA system is offered in separate trainings.<br><br>The Esogetic Colorpuncture treatments you will learn during this course are taken from over 200 innovative and futuristic therapy systems. They will enable you to break through to the very subtle and individual aspects of each client, catalyzing a lasting information/energy change at body, soul and spirit levels. They include therapies for supporting the endocrine, lymphatic and meridian or organ systems of the body. Many treatments provide energetic/informational support related to specific symptom patterns, such as migraines, digestive issues, pain syndromes and many more. Other therapies are designed to address the “background” or subtle levels of disease by clearing old emotional conflict or trauma, regulating prenatal imprints, expanding consciousness and supporting your client in contacting their unique “life path” information as a basis for healing. Throughout the training, you will have opportunities for hands-on practical experience and to receive treatments yourself. Whenever possible, we offer study groups with senior practitioners for additional mentoring support.<br><br>Upon successful completion of the course and testing, students receive certification from both the U.S. Esogetic Colorpuncture Institute and the International Mandel Institute as Esogetic Colorpuncture Practitioners. Please Note: the modules of this training are not offered separately but rather as sections of one complete training. They also need to be taken in numeric order, as each module builds on the previous modules.<strong> This is the registration for the full 6 modules for Professional Practitioner Certification Course in Esogetic Colorpuncture. <strong> A $100 deposit is collected at the time of registration. For more information on complete training costs and payment plans, please contact us at 530-362-6908.
This professional certification training has been recently updated with the latest treatment information.The first module of the professional certification training includes an overview and introduction to the Esogetic microdiagnostic systems for energetic/informational assessment: tongue diagnosis, facial physiognomy, iris/eye diagnosis, body segment and point palpation methods, brainwave/meridian diagnosis and assessment of pain
and disease tendencies according Mandel’s 4+1 elemental categories (fire, earth, air, water and ether) This class also includes instruction and demonstrations regarding use of various Esogetic tools and general treatment procedures including the spectral, soul-spirit, grey, UV & IR color frequency tools, synapsis wave induction, piezo, crystals, sound therapies, etc. The primary therapy topics of this module are the in-depth assessment and treatment of the Esogetic “endocrine state” and the assessment and treatment of the Esogetic “toxic state”. <br><br>For more information regarding the details of the training, including costs and location, please email or call us at 530-362-6908.

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