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  • Completion or Intensive Seminar wtih Manohar Croke
     September 18, 2022
     9:30 am - 5:30 pm

The Completion/Intensive Seminar is the most advanced level of training for Esogetic Colorpuncture and Kirlian EEA. It requires prior completion of the Basic Practitioner Certification Course and Kirlian EEA 1 – 3. The Intensive is also a prerequisite for obtaining a Diploma in Esogetic Medicine, the highest level of certification offered by the International Mandel Institute, in cooperation with the U.S. Esogetic Colorpuncture Institute. In this class, we go to the core – the individuality of the human being. Everything we have learned so far must now be integrated with the mental or spiritual level of the Kirlian EEA, as well as new spirit-level therapies. Our goal is to comprehend the patient’s unique wholeness at body, soul and spirit levels. To do so, we must understand the “symbol” of that person, including it’s astrological significance, and how to touch their individuality.The more precisely these various diagnostic clues can be perceived, and the better our understanding of how to move within the Esogetic therapeutic hierarchy and the easier our therapeutic decisions become. Therapy resistance challenges us especially in our ability to perceive the client’s individuality.Thus, training of the “inner eye” is the topic of the Intensive Seminar. To gain clarity and confidence in our choice of therapy, we need the certainty of our diagnostic skills. The topics of the Intensive Seminar include:

* The interpretation of the mental or spiritual Kirlian EEA topography
* The hierarchical structure of colorpuncture therapies
* The interconnectedness of the three levels – matter, energy, information
* Therapies that result from the dominant phenomenology in overall EEA interpretation.
* Repeated exercises in the interpretation of the EEA picture
* The connection of the basic patterns and principles with the phenomenology
* The symbolism of the reaction test – its importance for the choice of therapy
* The procedure in therapy resistance, especially in cases that show only partial success

This course will include opportunities to present case studies for group evaluation and feedback. If you would like to present a case study, please contact Manohar prior to class.

This class will be taught in a series of 3 live webinar meetings plus video lectures. It will start with the first webinar meeting on Sept. 18, 2022.  To register for the class and receive the complete class schedule, please call Manohar at 530-362-6908. Registration deposit is $100 and total cost of seminar is $800.00.