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    January 3, 2022 - March 31, 2022
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm
These are classes that Manohar Croke, Director of the U.S. Esogetic Colorpuncture Institute, has taught regarding special sets of Esogetic Therapies developed by Peter Mandel. Now these two classes are being offered for individual viewing by certified practitioners. These are the Esogetic Reflexology Therapies and the Esogetic I-Ching Therapies, as described below. Each of these classes is valuable for a practitioner wishing to understand the scope of Esogetics. Each class will be available for you to watch on your own time between January 3rd and March 31st.  The cost for each class is $150. 00
If you are interested in signing up for either or both of these classes, please contact us directly by phone or email (530-362-6908 or info@colorpuncture.org). We will register you for the class and send you the workbook and confidential video recording links, so that you can watch the class in your own time during this three month period. PLEASE NOTE: You must be a Certified Esogetic Colorpuncture Practitioner to register for either of these classes.  Here are the class descriptions:
  • Esogetic Colorpuncture Reflexology Therapies: The feet are a supraordinate area for regulation in the system of Esogetic Colorpuncture. They are also considered to be essential for diagnostic assessment. As Peter Mandel explains it, the feet are connected to the fine or subtle level of existence. In life, the gross or denser matter of the body is always obligated to follow the fine or subtle aspect. This is why the Esogetic Foot Reflex Therapies are considered to have a superior regulating effect on the functioning of all body systems and organs, as well as on the 4+1 elements and, indirectly, the soul-spirit principle. In the basic practitioner certification training, you learned one small aspect of Mandel’s larger foot reflex system: the 5 Superior Lines of the Foot. These lines are useful for both diagnosis, but also treatment. In this webinar, we will explore the complete system of Esogetic Foot Reflex therapies. This will include taking a more extensive look at the superior foot lines and their role or position in the overall Esogetic Colorpuncture system, as well as several other foot reflex maps. You will learn how to treat these foot maps, use them for diagnosis and integrate them into your clinical work. Especially for those of you who have clients with privacy issues, these reflexology treatments will enable you to easily treat a wide range of bodymind issues without undressing. COST: $150

  • The Esogetic I-Ching Therapies: The I CHING or „Book of Changes” or, as Norbert A. Eichler has called it the „Book of Realities”, belongs to the spiritual inheritance of humankind. It has survived many invasions, wars and revolutions, and has become more important than ever in today’s climate of a worldwide change of paradigms. Not only does the importance lie in the meaningful quotes of the I CHING, but also in the arrangement of the eight trigrams,which can be constructed into 64 hexagrams. Dr. Schönberger sees a connection between the 64 hexagrams of the I CHING and the genetic code and its 64 triplets. Potentially we have a connection here for a unified code system between spirit-mind, soul and body.

Esogetic Medicine teaches that everything that exists can also be found in its reflection, on the human skin. The outer envelope (the skin) is the borderline between „microcosm” (internal) and „macrocosm” (external). All events – internal as well as external ones – leave tracks on this, the largest of our sensory organs; the unchangeable principles of an „intelligent universe” as well as the fixed laws of the „individual program” inside the human being. The individual is the “creator” of his reality. To make this “reality” tangible, and to initiate changes and transformations is the task of the new “Esogetic Reflexes” of the I CHINGIn this time of worldwide transition, I believe Peter Mandle’s unique I-Ching Therapies will be very supportive for both you and your clients in this time of powerful transitions. COST $150

To register or for more information, please call 530-362-6908 or email info@colorpuncture.org