The “Lay” classes are short classes lasting anywhere from 2 hours to 1 day. These classes are designed for clients or patients, caretakers, family members and others, who are not necessarily interested in professional level training, but want to learn a limited number of self-care therapies upon themselves, family members and friends.  Professionals are also welcome to attend these classes.  However, the Lay classes do not provide certification to practice Esogetic Colorpuncture professionally.

The U.S. Esogetic Colorpuncture Institute has trained a number of people as  “Lay” or non-professional instructors. All of these instructors are certified Esogetic Colorpuncture practitioners, having completed the basic professional certification training, as well as several advanced classes.  They have all been practicing Esogetic Colorpuncture professionally for at least 2 years.  They have also completed the Lay Class Teacher Training with the U.S. Esogetic Colorpuncture Institute and are approved to teach Lay classes in their local geographic area. For more information on the specific Lay class offerings and schedules of a Lay class instructor in your area, please contact the instructors listed below directly:


Johanna Atman, Ph.D., LMT, CCP

For nearly 30 years, Johanna has intuitively combined a wide range of skills and knowledge for healing and personal growth. She trained in one of the first U.S. Esogetic  Colorpuncture professional courses in the 1990’s and has continued to update her skills at advanced classes ever since. Johanna offers individual sessions, as well as classes and workshops. At her private practice offices, located in Murphy’s, California in the Sierra Foothills, Johanna’s sessions include Esogetic Colorpuncture, Transformational Bodywork, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Flower Essences, Essential Oils and other techniques.  For more information on her Esogetic Colorpuncture Lay Classes, please contact Johanna directly at (209) 728-3569 or email her at You can also visit her website at


Charlene Whitehouse, CCP

For information on Charlene’s Lay Classes, please contact her directly at or 818-439-2178


Helen Domaratz Ting, CCP, LMT

For information on Helen’s Lay Classes, please contact her directly at or ‭(303) 862-0544



James J. Frisa, CCP, L’Ac.

James Frisa completed his professional certification course in 2002. Since then he has updated his training with classes that include Kirlian EEA 1 & 2.  James maintains an active acupuncture and colorpuncture practice in Dover, DE.  For information about his Lay classes in Esogetic Colorpuncture, contact him at (302) 674-4204 or


Carolyn J. Randolph, LMT, CCP, MMP

Carolyn completed her professional certification training in Esogetic Colorpuncture in 1998.  She has updated her training in all the advanced classes ever since.  In addition to Esogetic Colorpuncture, Carolyn is a licensed massage therapist and certified medical massage practitioner, as well as a certified Da Dao Chan Gong Qi Gong Instructor.  At her practice in Palm Coast, Florida, she combines these skills and uses the Kirlian EEA camera for information/energy assessment.  Carolyn is offering the Esogetic Lay classes in Florida and especially in the Palm Coast area. For more information, please contact her directly at 386-931-2212 or email her at  You can also visit her website at,


Suzanne Fraker, BS, RM, CCP

Suzanne has been practicing Esogetic Colorpuncture since 2000. She is a certified Esogetic Colorpuncture practitioner and has completed all of the advanced level classes, including the Kirlian EEA classes. In her private practice in Chicago, she uses the Kirlian camera. She has a diploma in Therapeutic Massage, is certified as an Aura-Soma Practitioner through the Aura-Soma International Academy of Colour Therapeutics in England, and is certified as a Level One practitioner by the Tama-Do (Way of the Soul) Academy of Sound, Color and Movement in Malibu, CA. In addition, she is a Reiki Master. In Chicago,  Suzanne teaches Lay classes in Esogetic Colorpuncture at the EQUILIBRIUM Energy + Education Center. For more information, please contact her directly at 312-786-1882 or email her at


SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT

SchaOn completed his professional certification training in Esogetic Colorpuncture in 2011. He has also completed several advanced classes, including the Kirlian EEA classes. He is speaks regularly on the topic of Esogetics at colleges and universities in the Twin Cities metro area. In addition to Esogetics, SchaOn is also trained in BodyTalk Access, Access Bars/Consciousness, “Pure form” Energy Work, studies of basic principles of Ayurvedic Medicine, as well as self-studies in Western, Chinese and Ayurveda Herbalism, Marma &  Mudras. SchaOn currently is the Twin Cities Chapter Vice President for the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and coordinates the Twin Cities Energy & Holistic Workers (TCEHW). He teaches Lay Classes in Esogetics Colorpuncture through Psinergy Natural Health and Holistic Wellness in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN. For more information, please visit his website at or call him directly at 612-217-4325, or via email at


Cornelia Elsaessor, CCP, Diploma Esogetic Medicine, Holistic Gateway

Cornelia trained originally as a pediatric nurse in Germany.  Her subsequent education in German naturopathy encompassed both traditional and alternative modalities, culminating in her certification as a Heilpraktiker (the German equivalent of a Naturopathic doctor) in 1996. While seeking an alternative approach to her infant son’s recurrent infections, she discovered Esogetic Colorpuncture; the treatments worked instantly and she started her education in Colorpuncture just two weeks later. She has taken several of the advanced trainings taught by the U.S. and International Institutes and uses the Kirlian EEA camera in her private practice. In 2009, she spent a month working in Peter Mandel’s international clinic in Germany. She currently teaches Colorpuncture lay classes in Minnesota and Pennsylvania. She is also completing her teacher-teaching with the U.S. Esogetic Colorpuncture Institute to begin teaching the basic Professional Practitioner Certification Course. To learn more about Cornelia’s Lay classes, contact her at Holistic Gateway Ph.: 484-772-6898 or email


Kelly Davis, CCP

For information about Kelly’s Lay Classes, contact her directly at or ‭(713) 202-8781‬.

Sheila Palmer, CCP

For information about Sheila’s Lay Classes, contact her directly at or (713) 816-6648


Kate Lawton

I have studied colorpuncture for 20 years completing my basic certification in 1999; training in the use of the Kirlian camera in 2000; and, have completed all advanced coursework. I began a very part-time home practice in 2000 and am now moving my practice to an outside office to better serve clients. In 2008, I traveled to Beijing to take a 2-week qigong intensive course at Xiyuan Hospital and, in 2017, studied with Dr. Xu to further advance my practice and understanding. I have experienced and witnessed the empowering effects of these healing modalities. I recently trained to teach the Lay Classes in Esogetic Colorpuncture in the Madison, Wisconsin area. For more information, please contact Kate directly at 2317 International Lane
Suite 205
Madison, WI 53704
 (608) 819-8777 or email her at Visit her website at:


Jennifer Jones MS, LPC, CCP

A certified Esogetic Colorpuncture practitioner since 2008, Jennifer has completed several advanced Esogetic classes, including Kirlian EEA. She is a licensed psychotherapist, certified EMDR therapist, consultant & facilitator. She is founder & CEO of a global non-profit called “BeTheChangeGlobalWellness” tm. Jennifer is cross-trained in multiple healing modalities including meditation, mindfulness, Past life Regression, yoga & Reiki. At her wellness clinic in the Milwaukee area, she combines all these forms of therapy. She finds that Esogetic Colorpuncture deepens overall therapeutic effectiveness and significantly accelerates healing of the mind-body-spirit. She teaches Lay Classes in the Milwaukee area. For information, please call 414-335-3024 or email: