Product Repairs & Maintenance

The quality products and tools of Esogetic Colorpuncture are designed to last many years and rarely need repairs or servicing. Please read the article on “Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining the Esogetic Tools” on the Shop Our Products section of this website for suggestions as to how to look after your tools. We also suggest that you consider purchasing any of the following devices to aid in the proper care of the electrical Esogetic tools. These special devices were recently recommended, based on the years of repair experience, by our U.S. product repair agency, the Atwood Bell, LLC.

The Hand Held Battery Tester

Keep your equipment in the best operating order and prevent battery leakage that can damage your light tools by testing your batteries frequently. This battery tester is approved for all Esogetic tool batteries.

Cost: $12.00 including shipping


The Bulb Tester

If your Esogetic light pen is not working, it could be the bulb. Here is a handy little tool to test your bulbs and make sure they are still working.  This tool is approved for all Esogetic light pen bulbs.

Cost: $23.00 including shipping.


Infrared Tester for the Perlux IR-950

This IR tester was specifically designed by Atwood Bell, LLC to test the proper function of the Esogetics IR-950 infrared penlight.  Included is a battery self test, and an infrared working test.

Cost: $50.00 including shipping



To order of these products, please contact this company directly at

Obtaining Repair Services

Many of the Esogetic tools have one to two year warrantees on parts and labor. Even after these warrantees expire, you may still be able to obtain the paid services of our U.S. repairman. Important: If you purchased your tool from the U.S. Esogetic Colorpuncture Institute, please contact us before sending it in for repair. This way, we can determine whether your repair costs will be covered under your warrantee. (Also: If you purchased your tool from a different distributor, you will need to contact them directly regarding warrantee repairs). To obtain the exact instructions as to how to submit your Esogetic Light Set or Induction Unit for repair, please contact:

Dennis Amano Atwood
Atwood Bell, LLC

IMPORTANT: If your light set is not working and you cannot unscrew the back end to remove the batteries, this can mean that the batteries have leaked inside the light pen. This can seriously corrode and damage your tool. Our repairman, Amano, has developed a special procedure to completely refurbish a light pen in this situation. And, this procedure will be less expensive than having to replace the penlight. Please email Amano directly to obtain cost information for this special service. And if your batteries have leaked inside the tool, it is important to have this repair done as quickly as possible!

Also Note: This offer is only valid for repair of equipment within the USA.

And if you are not sure how to properly change the light bulb in your P117, here is a little video demonstration from our repairman Amano:


Next, here is video from Amano showing how to change the batteries in the UV light pen:


Last, here is video from Amano showing how to change the batteries in the IR light pen:

If you purchase any of these devices, we highly recommend that you watch the appropriate video for useful instructions. Thanks!