Extra Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining The Esogetic Tools

Caring for the Perlux P117, F333 and Combi 450 Perlux Pen Sets:
These light pens need to be cleaned as often as every two weeks if you use them frequently. To clean them, remove the batteries, take the pen apart and wipe out all the pieces with a damp cloth. You can also wipe them down with a swab with mild soap and water. You can put the glass rods of the pen (no batteries or bulbs!) in a sterilizer machine. You can also wash the glass rods in a dishwasher (carefully), if you wish. Regular cleaning will help to remove any dust or carbon buildup on the tool and keep it sanitized.

It is best to store these pens in a place that is room temperature. If the P117 is too cold, the rubber ring at the front will become stiff and it is more difficult to push the glass rod in. Note that normally, especially when the tool is new, the ring will feel a little tight – that is fine. But keeping the pen at room temperature will keep the rubber ring flexible.

If your light seems to flicker on and off, then the bulb is probably loose. Unscrew the front nozzle and make sure that the bulb is firmly screwed into the white plastic piece it inserts into. When changing batteries, please make sure that you always point the positive end of the battery toward the bulb and front of the penlight. If batteries are inserted the wrong way (ie., negative end first), the tool won’t work. Also, when inserting the batteries, hold the tool horizontally and slide the batteries in. By the way, when the bulb is burned out, it sometimes looks a little dark around the base.

When twisting the nozzle out slightly to turn on the light, please try not to over twist it, or you may inadvertently stretch the o-ring underneath. Just find the exact point at which the pen turns on and off. Try to always turn the nozzle just 1/2 turn in order to turn the penlight on and off. Make sure the light is really turned off before you store it back in the box.

Caring for the IR 950, UV 370 and Combi IR/UV Penlights:
These pens should not be taken apart. You can just wipe the outside surface of the pen with alcohol or a damp cloth. Pushing the button and turning on the red light on the side of the pen shows that it is on. No bulb needs replacing. Again batteries are pointed toward the front end of the pen. Please note that these pens may be stored in a cool but not cold place. And it is very important not to put too much pressure on the front tip of the pen when using (this breaks the filament inside. Use the probe and not the pen to find points and then just gently rest the pen on the point. Be sure to turn the pen off when storing. ALSO note that the UV penlight uses four 1.5 volt batteries and not the usual AA batteries. You can find these 1.5 volt batteries at a photographic supply store.

Caring for the Esogetic Crystal Therapy Products:
These crystal tools should not be cleansed using the traditional methods for crystal clearing, such as soaking them in sea salt. Instead, after each use, run cold water over the crystal for a minute or so. Then carefully pat the crystal dry. This will clear any information they absorb from the client during treatment. The little adhesive crystal tattoos do not need to be cleansed. They are used only once and are hypoallergenic. For the Dream disc and Love disc, please be careful when drying them not to press hard on the color crystals when drying. Also, if the crystals should become detached from the disc, be sure to glue them on with a glue that is specifically used for plastic. Otherwise, you may damage the disc material.

Caring for the OptiCOLOR Glasses:
Never use strong cleaning agents; use only water. For cleaning or drying, please use the supplied special optiCOLOR microfiber cloth. Rub the glasses carefully with slight pressure, in order to avoid removing the coating of the glasses. As a rule, do not use paper towels or other cloths containing wood fiber, because these could scratch the lenses.

Caring for the Induction Units:
The wires for these tools are delicate. When you are not using the tool, we suggest that you remove the wires and store them in a way that they will not get tangled. This will prevent them from getting worn and breaking. When you untangle them, try not to pull on them. Unwind them carefully.

Last Suggestion: If you are not using your tools regularly, it is a good idea to remove the batteries. When batteries are left in the tools for long periods of time without using them, they can begin to leak battery fluid into the tool, which corrodes it.

Thanks and Enjoy!