Pain Gone Gel Nociceptol


Paingone Gel

indicated for: • Aches • Stiffness • Strains • Sprains • Bruising • Pulled muscles • Various traumas



Back by Popular Demand! The  Pain Gone Gel is described by patients as a miracle! It contains essential oils that soothe and calm pain reactions. It is generally experienced as heating and cooling at the same time. It is useful in cases of pains, stiffness, sprains, strains, muscle injuries and other physical traumas. it comes in a 120 ml tube.

The Paingone Gel from Nociceptol has a faster and stronger antinociceptive effect than Nurofen gel in an animal model of nociceptive pain. It relieves acute, nociceptive and chronic pains. A natural alternative to painkillers. Uniquely combines heating and cooling effects Soothes and calms pain in an instant.

Cost is $20 plus shipping