New Product: The Disc of the Signs



Like all the Esogetic discs, the Disc of the Signs use reflex areas of the hologram located on the skin to reach the inner implicit levels of the person and trigger positive reactions. For the Disc of Signs, Peter Mandel has used and modified the images of the zodiac. The special feature of this disc is that you can connect with the individuality of each person by the choice of the zodiac sign. When the Disc of the Signs is applied to certain zones on the skin, the inner blockages are touched related to that person’s illness or complaint. People often feel immediate reactions. This helps us to grasp and understand the background of an illness more quickly. In healthy situations, the disc supports our well-being and helps us to cope with daily tasks better. Each disc will come with a signed personal certificate by Peter Mandel and detailed instructions for its use.  Sale price to Nov. 14, 2023 is $158 plus shipping.  After that the  price is $175 plus shipping.