The Clear Crystal Activator




THE CLEAR CRYSTAL ACTIVATOR has just been manufactured precisely according to Peter Mandel’s specifications. Like the original Crystal Activator, it is a large crystal disc, precisely cut in a holographic design (the “Earth” Hologram).  However, this particular activator is completely clear in color.  It is part of Mandel’s trio of three crystal activators.  The Clear Activator works at the level of spirit and helps restore our deeper connection to the subtle information of spirit.  By comparison, the normal or original Crystal Activator is designed to work at the level of the soul and clear deeper emotional information.  The Black Crystal Activator works at the level of the body and it activates the inner light at a cellular level. When placed on special zones on the skin, this new Clear Crystal Activator will have a powerful effect on the movement of your spirit information. Cost is $565 plus shipping.