The Disc of the Elements



Disc of the ElementsFollowing the success of the Dream, Love and Earth Discs, Peter Mandel recently created his 4th and final treatment disc: The Disc of the Elements.  It is based on the understanding that everything in our material world, including the body, is created out of the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water.  A 5th element, Ether, carries information from above (subtle information space) down into the space-time dimension and the material realm, via these 4 elements.  This concept is symbolically and holographicaly represented in the Disc of the Elements. Through his clinical observations over the past 40 years, Peter Mandel is convinced that dysregulation of these four elements are linked to all illnesses, pains and ailments. He also realized that each of the four elements can be accessed using well-defined reflex areas on the body surface. When placed on these reflex zones, the Disc of the Elements can provide regulatory impulses that support the body  in healing from disease and pain. Instructional brochure comes with the disc. Cost is $95 plus shipping.