The Esogetic Introductory Wellness Set


Available on backorder


This is a combination set that includes 4 Esogetic products that promote improved sleep, relaxation and whole person well-being. It includes the following items:

• 1 bottle of Esogetic Herb Oil, which contains a specific combination of aromatic herbal components aimed at regulating and stimulating for the whole person.

In particular we use this oil to stimulate dreaming for healing of body, soul and spirit.

•  1 bag of Wildcrafted Herbal Tea. This organic tea is taken in the evening to promote relaxation and improved sleep.

•  1 jar of Skin Protection Ointment. Based on calendula, this ointment promotes healthy skin, tissue detoxification and improved blood circulation.

•  1 book entitled “Sleep Yourself Fit” which includes suggestions for  improving sleep and instructions for applying the Esogetic Herb Oil to zones on the skin

that promote dreaming.  Cost for the set is $43.00 plus shipping