The Esogetic Soundscape CD Set




The complete set of 9 Esogetic Sound Pattern recordings or “Esogetic Soundscapes” are available on CD!  These sound therapy recordings were developed using Mandel’s “Esogetic Model,” which describes the connections and interrelationships between body, subconscious and super-consciousness levels, in careful collaboration with well-known music theorists. Based on exact mathematical and therapeutic calculations, these Soundscape therapies contain special sound sequences designed to …bring up and release the subconscious impressions related to illness and pain, as well as to support each individual’s movement on their soul or life path. Listening to these CDs on a daily basis will help you to stay healthy in body, soul and spirit. These CDs may be ordered individually at a cost of $24 plus shipping per CD. A package price is available for purchase of all 9 cd’s at once. NOTE: Please call us, rather than placing your order online, if you are ordering multiple CD’s.  We can save you money on your shipping costs. Price for the full set of 9 CD’s is $195 plus shipping.

Here are the titles and descriptions of the individual CDs:

CD #1: Balance
Supports the ability to let go of the old and to welcome the new, the precondition of serenity.
CD #2: Regeneration
Supports all processes dealing with change and reorientation.
CD #3: Self-Confidence
Serves as a “signpost” pointing the way to the essential human core.
CD #4: Vitality
This assists in accessing new insights and developing the strength to realize them.
CD #5: Self-Knowledge
Promotes the ability to recognize one’s own powers and to use these to help remove mental barriers.
CD #6: Change
Reinforces the desire to become free of negative thoughts and to change behavioral patterns that could lead to problems.
CD #7: Reorientation
Shows possibilities to find purpose in life and to achieve one’s life goals.
CD #8: Harmony
Supports us in leading a conscious, healthy and harmonious life.
CD #9: Completion
This compiles the most effective parts of soundscapes 1 to 8, as a repetition for refreshing all of the content previously conveyed.