The New Synapsis Wave 2 with 6 Induction Programs



A new and improved version of the larger Wave Synapsis machine is now available. This machine is larger and more durable than the Home Synapsis. It is suitable for use in a professional practice. This new model comes with a minimum of 6 programs. And, you can add up to all 24 programs when you purchase the machine or later. This machine is equipped with 2 ports or plug insertions allowing you to apply induction frequencies to 4 reflex zones at once. Please or email call us personally to place your order for this item ( or 530-362-6908). It is not possible to place your order via the website. Cost: $1365.00 with six induction programs, plus shipping and handling. Additional programs will increase the cost.

Download the Complete List of Induction Programs for Wave or Home Synapsis Units