General Instructions and Information on the Esogetic Sound Therapies

In developing these special sound therapies, Mandel sought to transpose the energetic effects discovered in his Esogetic Colorpuncture acu-light therapy into the realm of sound.  If natural harmonic light frequency oscillation triggers resonance in the body, then harmonious acoustic oscillation will too.  Mandel sought to influence the laws of energy flow in the body using the laws of musical vibration. Please note that these recordings are not intended to be melodic but rather they are patterns of sound frequencies designed to have particular therapeutic effects.

The ColorSound Therapies

These were the first sound therapies developed. Working with music therapists, Mandel created sequences of sound in frequency areas that correspond exactly to the respective color therapy spectrum.  He took into account: 1) the body’s resonance response to certain frequencies and 2) the energetic polarity of yin and yang – that can be found in complimentary sounds.  Then he literally translated specific Esogetic Colorpuncture therapies into sound treatments – using similar patterns of frequencies.  A big breakthrough occurred when he and his collaborators discovered how to convert complimentary color frequencies into sound frequencies.  Each of these “colorsound” therapies provides specific sound support in situations of specific issues or bodily situations. They are: Psychosomatic Balancing, Migraines, Sleep Issues, Immune Activity,  Motivation and Concentration. These sound treatments are well suited for home use and can also supplement the Esogetic Colorpuncture treatments provided by a certified practitioner. 

Esogetic Soundscapes

With the Esogetic Soundscapes, Mandel progressed further with development of precise combinations of 72 notes put into precise sequences that effect the person at body, soul and spirit levels (much like the ancient shamans used to work with sound or the Indian raga musicians). The sequences of notes on these recordings were not chosen for aesthetic reasons, but rather for exact mathematical reasons, to support therapeutic reactions.  The Esogetic Soundscapes help to bring the person to contact connect consciousness with the body.  They activate strong energy fields in the body.  Each person may experience his or her own sensations (seeing colors or visions, experiencing warmth in the body, etc), as the Soundscapes move subtle information blockages.

Conflict Solution Sound Therapy

Like Mandel’s Conflict Resolution Esogetic Colorpuncture treatments, these CD’s are aimed at helping you to resolve and clear the old buried emotional conflicts which may be held in the deeper recesses of your subconscious and which, if not dealt with, we believe will eventually weaken the immune system and contribute to disease.  In general, listening to these tapes will support you in more easily confronting and overcoming personal conflicts in your life.  This is a four CD series. The CD’s are numbered 1- 4 and should be listened to in order, one per day. 

Please Note: If, at the initial listening to one of these recordings, you experience any vague discomfort or lack of ease, Mandel’s instruction is that you will need to keep listening to that CD until you can listen to it without discomfort.  Only then do you proceed to listening to the next.  When you can listen to all four CD’s comfortably, the suggestion is to listen for eight days sequentially, then take a four day break and start the eight day sequence again.

General Instructions Regarding Use of the CD’s

Each CD is recorded with 2 tracks. The first track or “sequence A” is recorded specifically for listening with headphones and the second track or “sequence B” is recorded for stereo listening.  Be sure to select the track that suits your mode of listening and do not listen to both tracks in one sitting. These CD’s are not recommended for use as background music, for example when driving in the car.  They should be listened to while sitting or lying in a relaxed, quiet state. If you fall asleep while listening to a recording, it will still have the desired therapeutic effect.

 If you play these CD’s for a client, we recommend that you do not play them at the same time that you are giving an Esogetic Colorpuncture treatment or other therapy, as this will constitute a double treatment and too much information all at once!  Rather, we suggest you play the CD before or after your other treatments. Also, if you as a practitioner playing the CD’s in your office while giving treatments of any kind, remember that you personally should only listen to that recording once per day!  ALSO NOTE:  It is not recommended to copy these CD’s or upload them onto your computer or MP3, as you will inevitably lose some of the frequency qualities through this process and thereby effect the therapeutic effects of the recording.

Finally, if you are currently working with a certified Esogetic Colorpuncture practitioner, we suggest that you follow their guidance as to how often and when to use these sound therapies. We hope you enjoy them!