Element CrystalsThis boxed set of 6 faceted crystal discs includes the crystal discs in crimson, light green, light turquoise and rose colors at related to the 4 elements of fire, earth, air and water respectively. These elements are constantly active inside us and application of the element crystals to reflex points on the body stimulates harmonization of the elements. These colors are also called the “soul-spirit” colors because the treatments they are used in tend to effect the deeper layers of the subconscious and the emotions. In addition, this 6 crystal set includes the faceted gold and silver crystal discs, which represent the energies of the sun and moon/yang and yin in the Esogetic system.  Comes with a brochure with application instructions. PLEASE NOTE: It is also possible to order the complete set of 9 facetted crystals (gold, silver, element colors and grey) for $665.00.