Esogetics has just developed a special new adapter that can be plugged into your home synapsis 2 unit. Note: it will not work for the older Home Synapsis 1 Unit. This adapter enables you to attach 4 cables to four different reflex points on the body at the same time, using the adhesive electrodes. And, it comes in a package with two new Induction programs:  The Point Gamma program and the Points Combi program. It is not possible to order this item on the website. Instead, to order this adapter package, please call or email us directly ( We will need information regarding the code for your unit, in order to send you your personally tailored chip with the new programs. Also note: this package comes with an instructional brochure. You can have a look at the brochure by going to “Additional Resources” on our website.  Cost: $260 plus shipping and handling.