Synapsis HomeThe new and improved Home Synapsis 2 is now available.  This small, portable tool comes pre-programmed with a minimum of 3 Esogetic induction or biofeedback programs. It can now be programmed with up to and including all 29 available programs. The price will vary according to how many programs you would like installed when you order it. You can also order additional programs later and install them yourself, using an SD card.  The unit comes with new and improved cords, special hygienic adhesive electrodes and and a test diode to ensure working order. This tool is excellent and easy to use for self-treatment. To read about the induction programs that are available, go to shop our products/synapsis & electrical units. The cost of this product with 3 programs is $510 plus shipping.  Call for consultation with us or consult your Esogetic Colorpuncture practitioner when ordering in order to select the 3 biofeedback programs to pre-program on your device. If you plan to order more than 3 programs when purchasing the unit,or you want to order additional program chips for a home synapsis 2 you have already purchased, please also call us.