Here is a list of the 29 programs currently available for the Wave and Home induction units.  The new Home Synapsis 2 unit can be specially programmed with a minimum of three of these programs according to your needs, and can now be programmed to include all 29 programs. The new Wave Induction, coming soon, can also be programmed with a minimum of 3, and up to 29 programs.   If you are working with a certified Esogetic Colorpuncture practitioner, we strongly suggest you solicit their educated guidance in selecting the induction programs most suitable for your Home synapsis unit, as well as for instructions as to how and when to use these programs. Otherwise, you can contact us for a consultation.

1.Rest Program 1: Basic program for rest of the organism.  This program oscillates between alpha and theta most of the time, which is the area of semi-sleep.  Useful for restlessness, conflict stress, tension pains and much more.

2. Rest Program 2: Great program for all acute conflict stress situations and stress-related physical issues.

3.  Sleep Program 1:  Helpful if you have difficulties falling asleep and/or sleeping through the night.  Helps with all states of restlessness connected with insomnia or those that the Rest Programs 1 & 2  do not completely resolve.

4. Sleep Program 2:  Further help for sleep problems when Sleep Program 1 does not completely resolve the issue. Supportive for the body for waking complaints like anxieties, depressions, migraines, difficulty concentrating, mental overwork and permanent nervous system stress, fear of failure and more.

5.  Dream Program:  Good for stimulation of dream activity, this is a form of conflict resolution therapy.

6. Children Program 1:  Supportive for psychological and physical stresses that occurred an adult person’s childhood between the ages of 6-12.  Indirectly, it is supportive for the body in situations of childhood fears and phobias, learning problems, immune weakness and more.

7.  Children Program 2:  Good to alternate with Children Program 1.  Basic program for situations where the client has a history of childhood illnesses after age nine (especially if recurring).  Both Children Programs are used as part of Esogetic conflict resolution therapy.

8.  Stress A Program:  Basic program to resolve psychological tensions and conflict situations, especially in the beginning phase of stress treatment.

9.  Stress X Program:  Helps to energetically support the immune system, whenever there are recurring immune issues.

10. Stress 10 Program:  Helps in any situation of hormonal imbalance or stress and the related physical symptoms. Supportive during hormonal transitions of life – puberty and menopause.

11.  Stress 11 Program:  Basic biofeedback induction program in cases of migraine and cephalgias.  Also supportive for the body in situations of shoulder and neck pains, and more.

12. Degeneration Program: Basic induction program for all situations of degenerative or chronic blockages in energy/information flow and related physical symptoms. Helps to activate the body’s natural healing responses.

13. Awakening Program: Helpful for exhaustion, convalesence, overwhelming fatigue, susceptibility to weather changes, syndromes of overwork at any age and more.

14.  Depression Program 1: Energetically supportive in cases of depressions without fear, fatigue, listlessness, and for convalescence.  However, do not use this program during the manic phase of a depression, because it is activating.

15. Depression Program 2: Energetically supportive during the manic phases of depression, restlessness and states of anxiety, and for deep relaxation.

16.  Depression Program 3:  Energetically supportive for situations of menopausal, menstrual and puberty- related depressions, in other words, hormonally-related depressions.

17.  Mental Program: Helps to sharpen the intellect and activate brain function in all frequency ranges.  Can also be supportive in situations of memory loss.*

18. Learning Program:  This biofeedback induction program oscillates in the frequency range between 5 – 14 HZ, which is also the basis of the Superlearning method.  Supportive for learning problems, lack of concentration, forgetfulness, exam anxiety and more.*

19.  Memory Program: Helpful to alternate with the mental program and the learning program for the enhancement of intellectual abilities.  Further indications:  Stimulation of creativity.*

20. Conflict Solution Program: This program is similar in effect to the basic acu-light conflict solution therapy that is used in the practice of Esogetic Colorpuncture. And, it can easily be done at home. The program will help to surface and release buried emotional conflicts that are thought to weaken the immune system.

21. Addiction Program: This program can be used for all forms of addiction (including alcohol, food, smoking, etc). Peter Mandel views addicts as highly sensitive individuals who have lost a vital sense of inner connection. This results in fear, aggression and the need for protection or numbing. The program works via the thalamus to rebuild a sense of inner connection and thus reduce the craving for addictive substances or activities. It is an excellent home care support for recovery work. (Note: we do recommend that people suffering from addictions also working with professionals trained in addiction recovery, while using this program for home support.

22. Power Nap Program: This program is designed to bring you down into a situation of sleep and regeneration in 15 minutes and then back to an awake state. This will enable you to regenerate and return to your day’s activities refreshed.  Very good for stressed people and for insomniacs!

23. Long Gamma Program: Studies have recently shown that experienced meditator have higher levels of gamma waves in their brains. This program is specially designed to guide the user into this  brain wave state associated with deep meditation.

24. Short Gamma Program: This program allows you to apply the gamma waves (associated with deep meditation) to a reflex zone on the body to clear blockages.

25.  Point-Combi Program: In this program, the four brain rhythms – alpha, beta, theta and delta – are induced in a harmonious sequence of rhythms. Over the course of the program, moving through these rhythms, the induction continues into the gamma waves and ends there. The program is intended for use in particular point treatment combinations, where we also apply color or crystal therapies. All diseases correlate with a dysfunction in brain rhythms. Through this program, the rhythms are applied therapeutically to points in their natural order.

26.  Point-Gamma Program: The difference in this program as compared to the Point-Combi program is that it is aimed dominantly at the rhythm of the gamma waves. The rhythm sequence through the 4 brain waves of alpha, beta, theta and delta is the same as before, but faster. And halfway through the program, it changes to defined gamma brain waves. This program shows good results for long-standing disease and degeneration. It is also applied to 4 selected points using the adhesive attachments, according to the complaints of the individual.

27. Cerebral P: All living organisms have their own specific and individual rhythm, including disease causing agents and especially parasites. The induction program mirrors a constructive rhythm to the parasite and thus dissolves the destructive parasitic rhythm.

28. Cerebral A: Similar to the Cerebral P program, the Cerebral A program is directed at negative outer entities. In the broadest sense, the purpose is to block or reject anything that impacts us hypnotically. That includes the “attachments” that are already active in a person, which we all carry and which have been created by us ourselves (elementals, stuck thought
structures). The Cerebral A program utilizes an oscillating frequency, which varies between 14 Hz and 7.8 Hz, meaning it uses the alpha rhythms. In this resting range of the human brain foreign information is not only recognized, but it can also be rejected. Thus foreign information
that influences the mind (the ego) of an individual can be warded off.

29. Meditation: Meditation is a wonderful way to come to yourself. If we concentrate inwardly, then this should be done without goals or intentions. One should be in the “here and now” as the silent observer without judging what is happening. In this way the permanent streams of thoughts can come to rest. But for many people it is difficult to find peace. Now this new
program, with a duration of 15 minutes, supports us to bring the permanent stream of thoughts to rest and thus to feel emptiness, silence and freedom.

* The programs with astericks may be listened to with eyes open. All the other programs should be listened to with eyes closed.  Also, the induction programs should not be used on children younger than nine years of age.