As we know, the electromagnetic pollution increase more and more. Private households are affected in the same way as office rooms, factories, schools etc. There is an increase of cell towers, wireless, DECT and cell phones as well as power supply systems each year. We already made available a device called the Bioprotect-h to be used in your home. That item is also for sale on this website. To enable you to be protected no matter where you are located, we now also have the new bioprotect-mobile and the bioprotect-car. The bioprotect-mobile is effective within a radius of 3m and can be charged with a charger or USB-connection. It can be carried with you everywhere. The bioprotect-car, as the name implies is for a protection in the car and so, remains in your car. The effective reaches is up to 4m.  Cost for the bioprotect-mobile is $185 plus shipping. Cost for the bioprotect-car is $260 plus shipping.